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Telefono: 035 330346

Link: https://www.elavbrewery.com

it offers craft beers of ELAV craft brewery, Bergamo brewery among the most successful, awarded internationally, with over 25 craft beers, available for the takeaway, ranging from blond to seasonal dark, including a selection of 10 different they are offered on tap, accompanied by focaccia, artisan breads, hot and cold dishes from the kitchen as well as quality cafè and croissant. You can also choose a selection of processed products based on beer (sweets, chocolates, biscuits).


Restaurant services
Telephone: 035 4596296

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Delice Maison

Link: www.autogrill.com 

Autogrill provides food&beverage services in all travel channel.


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Espressamente Illy

Restaurant services
Telephone: 035 4596296

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Pasticceria Giovanni Cavalleri

Telephone: 035 322348

A selection of macaron and high bakery products by Giovanni Cavalleri.

Green Bar Gnam

Telephone: 035 424 3426

Bar Coffee shop Sandwich bar. Drinks, ice-cream, spirits, beer.
Reserved area with tables

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Marianna S.r.l.

Coffee shop - Ice-cream shop - Pastry shop
Telephone: 035 459 6273

Ground floor.

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Mc Donald's

Fast food
Telephone: 035 459 6296

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Telefono: 348 0918141

Link: www.autogrill.com

Mail: peppino.glorioso@autogrill.net

Motta means tradition and elegance. The brand was born in Milan at the beginning of 20th century. Here you can taste a great coffee with a wide and excellent range of viennoserie and bakery products

Panino Giusto

Telephone: 035 006 0065

Link: www.paninogiusto.it

The focacceria Panino Giusto makes focacce and pizzas in the traditional method, where all the products are fresh, including the dough which is made each day in each point of sale; the main feature of this format present in Milano Bergamo is the combination of a bakery which produces pizzas and focacce with a classical Panino Giusto which prepares panini to order filling them with products of the highest quality. The fresh cut, the quality of the products used and the creativity of the combinations make it unique when compared with other focaccerie.

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Telephone: +39 3280421546

Link: https://www.pastadistigliano.it/english/

The company wants to renew the antique tradition of Stigliano pasta makers and bring back to light the former glory of their homeland. That's how the “Fattincasa” production was born.


Mail: info@rossosapore.it

Link: http://www.rossosapore.com/index-eng.html

ROSSOSAPORE idea was born as just idea a few years ago (the brand was even recorded at end 2005), with the desire to revive those that are the basic rossopomodoro principles: the craftsmanship, tradition and research of basic products in a context of faster service at the counter.


Coffee shop and restaurant
Telephone: 348 0918141

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Tentazioni Caffè;

Coffee shop and Restaurant
Telephone: 348 0918141

www.autogrill.com airport map 


Telephone: 035 330 101

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Wine Bar Santa Cristina - Moka

Telephone: 035 319 542

Link: www.chefexpress.it

Il Wine Bar Santa Cristina is an elegant and modern setting where you can enjoy a wide selection of Italian wines, popular gourmet dishes and tasty snacks. Inside, the Moka corner offers a wide selection of coffees and sweet treats. Possibility to take away, to purchase the wines sampled and elegant gift boxes, which can also be made up with your selection.

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Wine Gate 11

Telephone: +39 3342210392

Link: http://www.franciacorta.net

Thw Wine Bar signed by Franciacorta shows a changing selection of producers from the reknown region Franciacorta (south of Iseo Lake) with a rich array of wine tasting by the glass.