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Users consultation

User Consultation Procedure

Legislative Decree 24/01/2012, no. 1, converted with Law 24th March 2012 no. 27, transposing Directive 12/2009/EC on airport charges, defers to the Italian Transport Regulatory Authority (hereafter ART) tasks of economic regulation and supervision, including the approval of charging systems and the level of airport charges.

On 22/09/2014, ART published the new tariff models that regulate the determination of service tariffs offered exclusively by the airport operator and the process of sharing those rates with airport users. The reference pricing model for Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport is Model 1 – for airports with more than 5 million passengers a year -.

On 07.12.2016, the company, SACBO S.p.A. (hereinafter "the Company"), authorised to operate Bergamo – Orio al Serio airport, has notified ART that it has planned to begin consultation with its airport users on 16.12.2016 regarding proposals to revise airport charges for the tariff period 2017-2020.

To this end, and in accordance with the provisions in Article 4 of the Tariff Adjustment Model for airports with passenger traffic exceeding 5 million (Model 1), approved by ART through Resolution 64/2014, the Company has taken steps to prepare the "Consultation Document" containing the following information/documentation:

  • Duration of the Tariff Period;
  • List of services and infrastructure provided in the Base Year for which charges are levied and payments received;
  • Overall structure of allowed costs and revenues in the Base Year regarding infrastructure and regulated services for which Airport Charges are levied, and evidence of costs and revenues from jointly considered, unregulated activities;
  • Base Year Analytical Accounting and relevant certification (available exclusively to ART, Article 4.1, ART Model 1);
  • Traffic forecasts for the Tariff Period;
  • Methodology used to calculate Airport Charges;
  • Annual efficiency mechanisms and objectives proposed for the Tariff Period and their impact on operating costs;
  • Dynamic of the proposed Charges for the Tariff Period;
  • Simplification and/or consolidation proposals for basket of services;
  • Proposed charge breakdowns;
  • Quality and Environmental Protection Plan;
  • Four-Year Works Plan;
  • Current capacity of the airport facility and usage limits of existing principal airport infrastructure and installations for the Base Year and forecasted for the Tariff Period;
  • Projected investment incentive mechanisms;
  • Expected incremental costs in the period in accordance with legal provisions;
  • Commercial policy (available exclusively to ART, Article 4.1, ART Model 1);
  • End-of-period report.

List of Appendices

  • Consultation Document
  • Appendix A: List of infrastructure and services for the Base Year
  • Appendices B0-B5: Overall cost structure for the base year and subsequent years
  • Appendix C: Traffic Forecasts
  • Appendix D/D.1: Dynamic of Charges and Charges in force
  • Appendix E: Quality Plan
  • Appendix F: Environmental Protection Plan
  • Appendix G: Four-Year Investment Plan

How to access documentation

All documentation concerning the proposed revision of airport charges for the tariff period, 2017-2020, will be made available to Users for the entire consultation period. Interested Users, as per Model 1, can acquire information, explanation, clarification and/or access to documentation concerning the proposed revision of airport charges by following these instructions:

  • To read the privacy information (direct link here) pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and to give consent for the processing and communication of data for the purposes indicated by the Company.
  • To request a password to access the private area, send a .pec email request to presidenza@pec.sacbo.it and nlamera@sacbo.it with the subject "Consultation document" together with the confidentiality agreement (direct link here) duly completed and signed.
  • Wait for personal access credentials to be sent by email before entering the private area and accessing documentation (the Company reserves the right to deny sending these access credentials in justified cases, e.g. users who do not qualify as "interested users").

By Airport User, as per Article 2, no. 26 of Model 1, we mean any individual or organisation responsible for the carriage of passengers, mail and/or freight, to and from the airport concerned.

For any information and/or clarification, send an email to presidenza@pec.sacbo.it and nlamera@sacbo.it no later than 09.01.2017

Public Hearing

In compliance with the provisions of paragraph 3.4.3 of Model 1, an Airport Users Public Hearing has been scheduled for 16.01.2017 at 10:00, to be held at the Passenger Terminal of the Bergamo-Orio al Serio airport (meeting room 1st floor, check in area). Any Airport Users interested in participating in this Public Hearing are asked to email confirmation before 09.01.2017 to presidenza@pec.sacbo.it and nlamera@sacbo.it to enable the Company to organise the logistics of the meeting.

Information pursuant to paragraph 4.2 of Model 1.

We remind interested Users that they are required to provide the following information to presidenza@pec.sacbo.it and nlamera@sacbo.it before 09.01.2017:

  • Plans for aircraft activities at Bergamo Orio al Serio airport for the period 2017-2020;
  • Change/confirmation of fleet commitments during the period 2017-2020;
  • Any proposals for separation/joining of current regulated tariffs;
  • Traffic forecasts for the tariff period 2017-2020.

Any information and/or data that are provided after the stated deadline will not be considered under this Consultation Procedure.